When it comes to Salem/Keizer advertising, there’s not many other mediums that can deliver as much exposure and return on investment as the Janco. The Janco Saver provides your business with a unique and affordable opportunity to advertise to every household in Salem and Keizer, Oregon.

If you’ve lived in Salem or Keizer for any amount of time, you have seen this monthly paper in your mailbox right at the beginning of each month. We send the paper out at this time of month for a strategic reason — we know that there are a lot of state workers in the Salem/Keizer area and many of them are getting paid on the first. Our publication is in front of them right when they are planning out how they are going to spend their money.

Next time you see the Janco in your mailbox, save it. Pay attention to how many repeat advertisers there are from one issue to the next. Here’s one BIG secret of advertising: If you see an ad running over and over again, that ad is working and the advertiser is seeing a positive return on their investment.

We are a full service advertising publication and will help you with everything from:

  • Designing your coupon.
  • Crafting a highly appealing offer that will drive customers to your business.
  • Give you strategies for tracking the ROI of your ad.

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